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This paper was written by a junior in the Honors English program. It's the goddamn hardest english class at the whole school. This paper received a borderline B plus, A minus in a 5.0 class, so it counts as a 4.0 on the grading scale. This is a quality bullshit paper, and if you believe its ideas, you must be an atheist like me, do not turn this in to a Christian teacher. Not only will it offend him, he will castrate you. Fortunately, my teacher is a nice guy, but a really tough grader. Enjoy th

Your Name Frankenstein Mary Shelley writes a classic novel, Frankenstein, which brings up many controversial ideas and beliefs. Mary Shelley hits the nail on the head on how man should act and his responsibilities. Man's responsibility, Fall from the Grace of God, and man's right to interfere with creation come up in this English Gothic horror novel. The Birth of the Creature involves many things that happens before, during, and after the actual creation this hideous Monster. Frankenstein

Black Like Me was first published in November of 1961. It was originally written as an article describing the rise in suicide tendency among Southern Negroes. John Howard Griffin assumed that "it would be an obscure work, of interest primarily to sociologists." Historically, Griffin was the first white person to experience certain issues known only to black people. By simply darkening his pigment, he encountered a complex reality formerly unknown to him or any other white person. Black Lik

I read The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien. I consider this book a fantasy action adventure. Bilbo is undoubtedly the main character of this book. Bilbo is the hobbit in this book and hobbits have a short a stout appearance. At the beginning Bilbo was reluctant to join the journey ,but as the story progresses he reaches into the hero inside of him. At the beginning you might think Bilbo is a cowardly hobbit ,but his courage comes out toward the end. Bilbo is a good person and he is very tidy a

The Misanthrope takes place in the very late seventeenth century, or the early eighteenth century. It is set in Paris, France. Nearly the entire play set in the upstairs room of a mansion. The conflict in The Misanthrope is man versus man, and man versus himself. Alceste, one of the main characters, is in love with Celimene, another main character. The conflict is between Alceste and the hosts of other suitors that are in love with Celimene. In the end, Celimene needs so much time t

The Blue Sword Author: The Blue Sword was written by Robin McKinley, the author of other books, such as The Hero and the Crown. Both of these books chronicle the continent of Daria. Setting: Most of the book takes place in the small nation of Damar. There are also scenes in an outpost in the Damarian desert, in race's, known as the Homelanders, outpost. One or two chapters also take place in the far north. Note: Harry Crewe is female in case you don't pick that up. Plot: An orp

Repentance, Dr. Faustus' Last Chance For Redemption It can be argued that Doctor Faustus is damned from the moment of conception. Faustus is a man who does not comply to any set of moral codes or to any one religion. This raises the question of whether repentance is indeed acceptable or even obtainable by Faustus. I would argue that it is not. Doctor Faustus asks for more than was intentionally made to him through God's plan, yet it was God's gift to him of his intellect that tempted

Jane Eyre After reading the novel Jane Eyre, I found that a lot of things that happened to her would have been different if she had been attractive. Obviously her treatment by Mrs. Reed and company would have been improved. She would have been considered delicate, and people would not have abused her. But this example is extremely obvious, and you must look more in depth to find things that are more insightful. In fact, Mrs. Reed may have liked Jane enough to have given her that letter fr

The book So Far From God illustrates several aspects of spirituality and emotional restrains which makes it very difficult to focus on just one point. Several characters are active in several activities occurring at the same time and very few characters are engaged in just same types of pursuit throughout the book. The character of Don Domingo, which I will be talking about in this paper, for example, has gone wild with his addiction towards gambling to fulfil the greed he has of making

Metamorphosis: 20th Century Alienation Gregor Samsa, the main character in Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis, wakes up one morning to find himself as a large unappealing bug. Through symbolism, Kafka creates a totally new story out of The Metamorphosis. He actually is not a bug. Being a bug just symbolizes individual alienation. The part of him being the bug indicates his separation from the rest of the world. Just like bugs, Gregor tries to succeed in going on with his own business. After G