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My Antonia is a book about realism of the late 19th and early 20th century. The Webster's Dictionary defines Realism as "Picturing and seeing people and things as they really are." That is what this book does; it shows "people as they really are." It does not glamorize what pioneer life was like. It tells us the hardships that these people dealt with, and gives us the sense of the meaning of family and friendship they had. Because without friends and family sticking together as a whole then

through the hard times alone. In my paper on My Antonia, I will attempt to show the symbolism and meaning of the main characters of the novel. I will also attempt to show the meaning andvel. I will attempt to show the theme and how this time era is different from what we areiving The two main characters in this novel are Jim Burden and Antonia Shermerda. They are the symbolic level of this novel. Jim lost both of his parents in Virginia and has come to live in a whole new world on his

Simon: the great philosopher of the island, is the only one of the boys to see the truth about the beast and the island. He understands that the beast is not a real thing but it is the object of the boys fear and hate, and he is the first to see that the behavior of the boys is self destructive "`They talk and scream. The littleuns even some of the others. As if -' As if it wasn't a good island.' Astonished at the interruption, they looked up at Simon's serious face" (52). The observation Simon

Is Land Worth More Than a Friendship A man must pursue his dreams. This is certainly true for everyone of the humankind, for if there were no dreams, there would be no reason to live. Duddy Kravitz understands this perfectly, that is why he is one of the most ambitious young man of his time. From the moment he heard his grandfather say "a man without land is nobody". He is prepared to seek the land of his dream-no matter what the cost would be. There is no doubt that Duddy is very shre

Brandon Harris 2-11-98 4th Period The Andromeda Strain By Michael Crichton Space truly is the final frontier. All over the world people are trying to find out as much as possible about this region. But what if what we found in space was something deadly? What if something came back that threatened to destroy the entire human race? This is exactly what happened in The Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton. In the opening incident of the book, a space probe sent into the upper at

"The Wind that Blows is All Anybody Knows" As the inspiring song writer, Janis Joplin, sings, "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to loose". In society today, everybody tightly grips on to their own definition of freedom. A large number of modern-day pro-rights groups, spend all of their efforts convincing people that someone or the government is taking away their God-given freedom. Like lifeless puppets, society confides in these freedom seeking institutions, such as the NRA an

Comments on Portrait by Caitlin Wrobel In the novel, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce, our first impression of Stephen Dedalus is that he is an outsider. It is known that he is in a school where many of his peers are of a higher class than himself. In fact one of the first conversations he has that we read of involves him being asked the following questions. "What is your name?….. What kind of name is that?…. What is you

The young years. Adoph Hitler's parents both came from peasten and catholic families. Adolph was born 6:30 p.m. April twenty 1889. They lived in south Austria. As a young boy Hitler showed great leadership skilled. He organized raids on local apple trees. He was a intelligent young man and enjoyed panting He left for high school at the age of twelve and did very poorly. This was probably because his father and brother had gone to war with each other. Now the young Hither was

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce In A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce, several uses of imagery are used in relation to themes and motifs. Categories of these uses of imagery are in such literary devices as motifs, sensory details, color, and the stream of consciousness. With all this imagery and devices, Joyce can use it and Stephen to explore the depths of the human mind and the human heart. Motifs such as names and the role

Of Mice and Men (1937), written in the same genre as The Grapes of Wrath, that of a story about migrant farm workers and their lives as a reflection on society, was the book that thrust Steinbeck into the limelight as a national celebrity. He won many awards and honors including being picked as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Men of the Year. Steinbeck's style is what earned this praise, that of a natural flow of words which are simple in form but complex in their meaning. He painstakingly d