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The short story, 'A Country Doctor' was written in 1919 by author, 'Franz Kafka'. 'A Country Doctor' is a short story about a doctor who gets an alarm in the middle of the night about a boy who has fallen very ill. Throughout the story the doctor encounters many challenges. The challenges include: a snowstorm stuck in between the doctor and the village where the boy lies ill, the fact that the doctor's horse has died and there are no available horses in site, peoples belief that doctor's

The story 'The Country Doctor' written by Franz Kafka is a story which tells about an old country doctor who receives an emergency call to attend to a patient who is ten miles away from the doctor's place at a very late hour of the night. The introductory part of the story is quiet ambiguous and creates a lot of anxiety in the readers' minds. To the doctor's discomfort, he has his carriage without a horse ' horse had died the previous night. The happenings in the story that follow are really s

Since its publication in 1868, Louisa May Alcott's novel Little Women has enthralled and captivated its audience with its strikingly realistic portrayal of four young women coming of age amidst the tumultuous disturbance of the Civil War. However, amidst all the critical and public acclaim, the book has generated some intense debates as to the purpose of the author, some describing the work as 'a perfectly disgusting, banal, and craven service to male supremacy,' while others deemed it '

The short story by Franz Kafka 'A Country Doctor' from the very opening presents a problem, which becomes the main subject of the story. With the obstacle in the beginning, the character is facing a 'great difficulty' (Kafka) that represents the helplessness the mankind faces in front of the face of mighty Mother Nature. The inability of the doctor to freely move in a long distance is just a simple example how the humans depend on outside conditions and forces to be able to survive. The doctor w

Franz Kafka's 'A Country Doctor' is one of those stories that haunts you for a while even after you have finished reading it. On the surface, it appears to be a story of an elderly country doctor assailed by doubt and fear who feels that he is underappreciated by the community he serves. If you delve deeper into Kafka's life and the time in which he lived, you find that there is far more to this story than what shows on the surface. To understand the story, we must first know something of t

Franz Kafka was a Jewish writer whose stories are enigmatic and ingrained with symbolism. In this regard, the short story, A Country Doctor, which he penned in 1919, is no exception. The story, though short, ensures that the readers feel all the effects of a nightmare journey. Just as nightmares are filled with grotesque and unreal elements unfolding realistically, so does this story. The story is about a kind old doctor, who with a

A Country Doctor 1 Franz Kafka's A Country Doctor is by all means, the most mysterious and enigmatic of all his wrings, because of the symbolism he utilized, which were quite difficult to decipher. Superficially, the Doctor in the story was faced with four challenges. First, just as he was to heed an emergency call from a patient, he had to obtain a horse since his steed had died the night before (Kafka, 1919). His second challenge was choosing between the call of duty to aid an ailin

Man has been given the ability to think for himself and decide the path he has to go that will eventually lead to his fate. It is solely up to him, by the decisions he makes, to decide what actions to take depending on the situation calling for the usage of free will. However, not all of us are able to decide which way to go or what actions to choose because of certain factors that may sometimes be bigger than ourselves. It may be because of a sworn duty or the fact that to decide to act which w

Kafka's A Country Doctor is a grim tale of an elderly rural surgeon who, facing his own mortality, has a vivid nightmare filled with hopelessness and fear. It has a depressing theme of youth and vitality versus age and depletion. The doctor faces numerous challenges in this short story. First, he must travel ten miles in a blinding snowstorm in the dark of night to the home of an ill patient. Worse still, his horse has just died, and he must find another horse to take him to his desti

I found Franz Kafka's 'A Country Doctor' to be a highly evocative tale of alienation and other-worldly fear, filled with terrifying, surreal imagery and a deep-seated questioning of the role of purpose, order and control within society. My initial reaction was, I suspect, typical: I felt sympathy for the doctor struggling to fulfill his obligations in deeply distressing circumstances. However, after repeated readings I began to lose my empathy with the character, viewing him increasingly as a ra