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Four challenges faced by the doctor- internal conflicts of his capacity to make the impossible happen considering the impossibility of the cases that he was handling and had handled in the past, comes to a choice between satisfaction vs. his professional as evidence by the moral dilemma of leaving Rosa to a perverted groom in exchange of a carriage to get to the sick person's house, issue of granting a dying man's request to die or trying his best to give him a kick in the head to change his per

" Country Doctor,' written by Franz Kafka, is an intriguing story about a doctor who gets a call on a winter's night to assist a patient in a nearby village. The short story depicts the difficulties, challenges, and frustrations that come with being a doctor. The protagonist of the story has to get to his destination to examine a young man, but he encounters several obstacles that throw him off course. In addition to the difficulties and challenges, there are themes in the story that rela