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Tim Allen Timothy Allen Dick was born June 13, 1953 in Denver, Colorado to Gerald, a real estate salesman, and Martha, a homemaker. Tim was the third child born to this large family that later had six children. He was one of four brothers. "We're all Dicks. We're from a long line of Dicks." (Tim quoted by Martin, page 1.) He was teased constantly about his last name. He used humor to make himself feel better about it. Tim's mother was often frustrated from taking car

"Well-Made Play" Techniques in Ibsen's A Doll's House Henrik Ibsen's A Doll's House is a classic example of a modern realistic play. But is it a "well-made play?" Eugene Scribe's idea of a "well-made play" was designed to present audiences with plots which are interesting and suspenseful and characters that are easy to understand. However, when the "well-made play" criteria is strictly observed, plays lose some of their appeal due to the structural repetition. A Doll's House combines som

1. The Plot In Broken Arrow, the main story turns around two stolen atomic bombs. Hale and his best friend Deakins are two pilots sent out to test a B-3 bomber plane on a nice afternoon. The plane had onboard two nuclear bombs. All of a sudden, the two friends get into an argument and then they start physically fighting. Deakins finishes by ejecting Hale out of plane who lands safely with his parachute to the ground. Now Deakins had a plan to set the atomic bombs off. All this happens while t

2. The story is about a man named Dave Elliot. As far as we know from the beginning of the book, he is a normal person like anyone else with an excellent physical condition. And before reading the whole book, you won't know about him anymore then what I just said. One day, as he goes to work, his own best friend tried to kill him. Dave escaped but unfortunately killed his best friend. He went to get help but he didn't get any. He tried to talk to his lawyer but his lawyer tried to kill him too.

1. Gardner, John. GoldenEye. USA, Glidrose Publications Ltd, 1995. 218 p. 2. This book is definitely a mystery novel. The mystery is that James Bond is looking for Janus and it is nearly the end of the book that we find out who Janus is. There's also a little bit of suspense in this book, but I couldn't say that it's a suspense novel because there's not enough suspense. After we find out who Janus is, there's suspense because James had to not only get rid of Janus but also stop a disaster t

1. Pike, Christopher. Monster. New York, Archway Paperbacks, 1992. 229 p. 2. This book is both a mystery novel and a suspense novel. It is a mystery novel because Angela tries to find out the big mystery about the monsters while, at the same time, it is a suspense novel because of all the adventures that happen throughout the book. For example, there was suspense when Mary tried to kill Jim. 3. I have read 229 pages. 4. This story is about a girl named Angela. She was at a party when

Reading Aldous Huxley's dystopian novel, Brave New World, is a chilling adventure through his prophetic dream of western democracies. Since its publication in 1932, it has been somewhat blotted out by 1984, George Orwell's dystopia about the future of Marxist despotism; however, in America at least, the present much more closely resembles what Huxley wrote about. Huxley sets his cautionary novel 600 years in the future, but experts agree that it is approaching years ahead of that estimate. Bra

A Clockwork Orange: Settings of a Human Machine In the novel A Clockwork Orange, Anthony Burgess suggests that a controlling government will cause a dark, turbulent, gloomy future using music, using violence, and using language. I. Burgess's use of music A. music as emotional heightener B. music to calm C. music to harm II. Burgess's use of violence A. use of rape B. use of fighting C. use of blood III. Burgess's use of language A. language as social identifier B. language as

Ray Bradbury's fantastic imagination resulted from his past as a young boy. Bradbury was an imaginative hard working boy who lived in a small town of Waukegan, Illinois. Virtually every early description of teen-age Bradbury by a personal acquaintance speaks of unfailing ability, puncture-proof good nature, constant buffoonery, and self-effacement (Moskowitz 357). He has written many intriguing tales of science-fiction including Fahrenheit 451, The Martian Chronicles, and Something Wicked This

AP Outside Reading Assignment The Martian Chronicles By: Ray Bradbury Dan Smith October 22,1997 I. Setting A. Locations 1. Ohio, small town next to rocket launch sites 2. Mars, a large desert area with canals that harbors "dead cities" 3. Mars, town which has home of Yll and Ylla 4. Mars, landing site next to one of the canals 5. Martian insane asylum 6. Dreamlike little town which is the memories of the crew projected onto the landscape of Mars 7. Luggage shop 8. City surrounded by