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Anthony Sears 12-2-98 Period 2 Macbeth Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are two megalomaniacs. Their actions in the first two acts are very childish and selfish. Their lust for power and control over runs their lives and becomes something to die for. Lady Macbeth is very persuasive, and Macbeth will almost follow her very word. Macbeth spends most of the play trying to cover up his and his wife’s mistakes. Macbeth doesn’t have a very loud conscience. He acts on impulses throughout

Macbeth and Lady Macbeth's guilt Through The View Of A Reader, The Reasons Why Macbeth Is More Guilty By His Actions Then Lady Macbeth Is By Hers. Macbeth is a very exciting story containing all kinds of plots and murders. The characters that are killing and are planning murders are all very deceiving and treacherous. Two of the most dangerous criminals in this play are Lady Macbeth and her husband. Together they commit the most dreadful murder by killing the King; Duncan. This is why it is

In Macbeth, by William Shakespeare Macbeth and Lady Macbeth show, “Where guilt is rage and courage doth abound,” stated by Ben Johnson. If a person has guilt they often become raged and have more courage. I agree and disagree with this statement. Some characters from Macbeth can’t forgive themselves for what they did and feel guilt for their actions. Other characters forget their guilt and become raged and have more courage. Macbeth shows us that where quilt is rage and courage

The Destruction of Macbeth Three factors that are at work to destroy Macbeth are the flaws in his own character, the forces of evil of the Devil represented by the Tree Weird Sisters, and Lady Macbeth. Lady Macbeth is held accountable for the destruction of Macbeth through her persuasiveness, cruelty, and persistancy. Lady Macbeth talks a good talk. After she read the letter Macbeth sent her, telling of his encounter with the witches, she fears that Macbeth is not ruthless enough, he

Upon hearing the witches prophecies, Macbeth is set on a path of deterioration that causes him to become blinded by ambition. Lacy Macbeth aids in his downfall, as she pushes him to become so ambitious that it eventually kills him. Lady Macbeth’s icy-ness acts as the horse which takes him down the path he can’t return from. He suffers mentally, at first, by getting tormented by his power-hungry wife. Then, when she dies, it is her soul that causes Macbeth to get tormented by his

THE DOWNFALL OF MACBETH In Macbeth there were a few factors that contributed to the degeneration of the Macbeth character. There were three factors that destroyed Macbeth. The main force that was predominately responsible for the downfall of Macbeth was his single flaw. Which was his own ambition. Even though his ambition brought him to his height of power, it was also what led him to his downfall. During the play Macbeth's ambition brought him to achieve his goals but as the play ev

In the play Macbeth by William Shakespeare, Macbeth the main character victimizes many innocents. In this play Macbeth victimizes Duncan, Banquo, Macduff s family. However more than a victimizer, Macbeth is a victim. The three witches, Lady Macbeth, and Macbeth s own ambition victimize Macbeth. Macbeth is victimized by the three witches. At first three witches tell Macbeth the prophecy, All hail, Macbeth! Thane of Cowdor , which later this is the title that Macbeth is pronounced to. Ho

In Act V Scene 8 of the play Macbeth, Macbeth and Macduff come face to face on another part of the battlefield. Brutal words are exchanged at first. However words alone did not solve their fight, whether those of a ghostly prophecy or of Macbeth himself are nothing compared to their wordless anger. They begin sword fighting. Macbeth had been told by the witches that he could not be killed by any man born of woman. This comforted Macbeth because he thought hardly anyone could kill

The Witches are responsible for what happens to Macbeth Although Macbeth does take actions that lead to his downfall, I believe that he is not totally responsible for what happens. Although he takes the action that leads to his downfall, he perhaps would not have done this if the witches had not told him that he would be king in Act 1 Scene 3. I believe that it is the witches are more responsible for Macbeth s downfall than he is. In Act 1, Scene 3, the witches tell Macbeth that he is thane

Why Does Macduff kill Macbeth? Macbeth being murdered by Macduff represents the finale of Macbeth. The murder itself marks the end of a long struggle for power between the good (Malcolm, Macduff), and the evil (Macbeth). Many events hinted to the reason for Macduff murdering Macbeth. The murder of Macbeth was an inevitable act that was bound to happen. One of these events was prophecy of the three sister witches. Throughout the whole novel, everything that they had prophesized, had