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OTHELLO Task: Show how Othello`s language reflects the change in the mood between the early part of the play (act I) and act III scene III (line 334, end, and the death scene). Intro: Othello is the story of an African general who falls in love with a rich Venetian nobleman’s Daughter, to wed her, but after a short while things aren’t all what they seem. When lieutenant Iago puts his foot in it and stirs up relationships to degenerate general Othello out of jealousy. Othe

Anger in Othello Essay written by NCMW In the play Othello, the most powerful emotion is anger. This emotion helps to establish the plot, as it plays a vital role. Three characters that it affects in the play are Othello, Iago and Roderigo. All the characters vent their anger through violence and confrontations. Othello vents most of his anger by smothering Desdemona to death when she is on her deathbed. His anger slowly built up during the play, due to Iago falsely convincing him

Honesty is one of the most important factors in Othello. Although there is very little honesty in the play the term is most commonly put to Iago, who also happens to be the most dishonest character in Othello. Due partly to the other characters naivet , Iago is capable of manipulating, brainwashing, and molding the other characters to satisfy his need for revenge against Othello. Iago would most commonly be referred to as dishonest, however beyond that he is also downright amoral and uses ot

In Othello, out of all of the characters that we are introduced to, Iago is without a doubt one of Shakespeare s most sinister characters, indeed to most of Shakespeare s readers, he is in fact a ruthless sociopath. No other character can even seem to come close to his evil. Most of the characters in Shakespeare's plays have good reasons for the troubles they cause. Iago doesn't for the most part, instead he just has a burning hatred for the world and especially Othello. Iago is the whole rea

Othello In Othello by William Shakespeare, the villain Iago has many motives for ruining the lives of Othello, Cassio, Desdemona, and Roderigo. They include jealousy, fears of infidelity, greed, and his anger at being passed on for a promotion. These passionate motives drives Iago, turning him into one of the most evil of villains Shakespeare has created. Roderigo a solider in Othello s army and once a courtier of Othello s wife Desdemona is under Iago s spell from the beginning. Iago s man

Shakespeare's tragic hero, Othello, is a strong, powerful, and dignified Moor. He has come to Venice, hired by the State to help the country win their war against the Turks. He spent nine months in Venice, where his leadership and kindness have made him a popular general. Yet, how can such a strong character become so blinded from the truth and can only hear the destructive voice of "honest" Iago? This can be explained by an in-depth analysis of Othello's many character flaws. These

Desdemona, the bride of Othello, and Emilia, the wife of the villain Iago, are the two main characters in Shakespeare s Othello. Although they are both loyal to their husbands, a sharp contrast between these women is realized with regard to their experiences and perceptions of reality. Desdemona as well as Emilia are loyal wives who want to please their husbands. For that reason, Desdemona affirms: [ ] I never did Offend you in my life; never loved Cassio But with such general warranty o

Macbeth vs Othello William Shakespeare is one of the greatest writers of all time; he wrote both novels and plays. Like all Shakespearen heroes, they all possess a tragic flaw that will eventually lead to their downfall. Othello, the main character, is no exception to this and neither was Macbeth. Both plays showed how people are easily influenced by just words. . In the story of Othello, Shakespeare dicpicts a story of how one man s trust is betrayed and twisted leading towards a tragic

What draws Iago and Emilia together? Did they marry for love? At one point in their relationship Emilia and Iago had to be in love. Love is what attracts two people together. Love, and the fact that they have similar interests. Perhaps Iago and Emilia got together because of their similar temperaments. Both Iago and Emilia are very practical people. They see things for what they are, not for what they are envisioned to be. Sometimes, this realistic attitude gives them a cynical appearan

Throughout Shakespeare’s Othello, the major theme of jealousy is apparent. According to Microsoft Bookshelf, jealousy, by definition, means “resentful or bitter in rivalry.” The tragedy Othello focuses on the doom of Othello and the other major characters as a result of jealousy. The theme of jealousy is prominent throughout the play as it motivates the characters’ actions. In Shakespeare’s Othello, jealousy is portrayed through the major characters of Iago and Othello. It u