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The home at Patton remained as a bad memoir. I lived there for quite a few years. It was my dad’s idea to purchase a flat from HK constructions. He had an undiagnosed pain in the knees. To take a break from the long daily travel to office, a nearby flat was a good thought. I was excited to go to the city. During the vacation I charted out a plan to set up a city life. I started packing before two months. Except for one thing I was on air. I had to miss my grandparents. They were the one wh

It's always a hard task for anyone trying to adapt to a changing world. I faced it once, realized its nature and in fact worked harder to overcome it. It is not about adapting to those circumstances, it was about controlling your emotions, your behavior and attitude. It all happened when I got passed out of high school and moved into a college. Everyone would expect college life to be interesting, but it was not so for me. It was full of challenges standing tall against me. My school days were

For travelers seeking romance Lisbon is somewhat lacking in charm, communicating a confused identity and supplying food, wine and entertainment of an insubstantial quality. With all it's eccentricities it does perhaps present itself as an alternative destination for the more adventurous couple. With the growth of budget airlines travelers today now have a range of options to consider when organising that annually anticipated romantic mini-break. D.H. Lawrence considered romance "Usually, a nice

We have but one life. We don't know what's next, but it is up to us to live this life to the fullest. Sounds like boring philosophy? But this itself is the key to living good. We all exist. Very few of us know how to live! Most of us spend a lot of time complaining about the bad times and wishing for better things to happen to us. We all have family and work woes. Whether teenagers or adults, life without worrying seems an abnormal life to lead doesn't it? Well we cannot stop the problems from c

One of the most difficult things to handle is surprises. Truly, it tests the character of the wisest of men and separates the bookish from the real. I was in the first semester of my final year in college, when I received the greatest surprise in my academic life: that I will not be graduating on time, and will therefore lose the chance of graduating with honors, the award that I have diligently labored for in my past three years in the university. The reason was as dense as failing to enlist

Abstract The proper psychological preparation for dying is an important process that is often misunderstood or avoided. We generally see death as a time of sadness as compared to the many joyful times in our lives such as birth, various stages of development, marriage and so on. Through understanding of attitudes dealing with death, the death process, death anxiety and the meaning of 'dying a good death', we can better prepare for this life ending event. A good death and peaceful death is pos

Lying on a railway track with both legs crushed I informed my parents that I just had a train accident. Every turning point is a new beginning that’s what I said to myself. With a very close encounter with death I realized that life is very precious and just because I lost both my legs, I will not stop enjoying it. I will not let myself a victim but the master of circumstances. It was seventh semester of my under graduation when I met this catastrophe, then I decided that what ever it takes I

Life is not always a bed of roses. In my life I have learned that happiness and success are coupled with problems and obstacles that must be embraced and intricately scrutinized. With the many problems that I have encountered, I now learned not to panic to whatever problem that comes my way. I have realized that if I do not stay calm and composed I will all the more entangle myself into the deeper complexities of the problems. I have learned that the best way to resolve problems is to t

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Our society today has a dangerous and most discouraging tendency towards pointing out people?s weaknesses whenever the opportunity presents itself. However, if one does something worthy, very few people tend to congratulate them or encourage them to do better. It is for this central reason that I was very much attracted to Hamilton College the minute I walked into the building. My very first class, Human Dynamics, was ninety percent about how to build on the strengths that all of us as individua