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My Sergei By: Ekaterina Gordeeva There are tree major characters in this book; Ekaterina, Sergei, and Stanislav Alexeyvich Zhuk. Ekaterina, or Katia is one of the main characters in the book. As she unfolds the love story between her and Sergei we see what a genuine, loving, king, interesting, and dedicated person she is. She tells her story very lively and intensely. Katia's strong inner strength reaches out to you in the book and pulls you in like a magnet. Sergei is the other mai

William Faulkner, a writer brought up in the South, displayed the upbringing and lifestyles of people in a certain town. The theme revolved around the life of a lady name Emily Grierson. She is a southern woman, whose failed attempt at life is kept secret from her town until her death. By explaining her upbringing by a stern father, her midlife climax and her slow journey through a secluded life to her death, Faulkner shows how clinging on to tradition by Emily's father ruined her life. To

A Brave New World By Aldous Huxley Though Aldous Huxley leaves this book at a definite ending, he leaves you wondering what will their society be like because the "Savage" must have changed it. The theme for this book would have to be, "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." True, this is Newton's third law, but it does apply here. This theme is stated from the beginning of the book, though thoroughly present, it did not seem too important to me until later. When

Nick and the River by Kirk Wintermute In Ernest Hemingway's short story "Big Two-Hearted River," there are very few obvious relationships. But the relationship that is most important to the story is that of the main character, Nick, and the river itself. Nick's feelings towards the river extend beyond the banks and the waters to its inhabitants. While Nick may not actually speak to the river during the story, he does relate to it and show definite feelings of contentment and

The most prominent intellectual movement of the mid-twentieth century was the concept of Existentialism. The Existentialists emphasized the freedom of the individual mind and criticized a number of aspects of society, often focusing on religion. Jean-Paul Sartre was especially critical of religion, as is expressed in his 1943 play Les Mouches, or The Flies. This play is a retelling of Sophocles' Electra, a play which told of the brutal murder of Agamemnon, king of Argos, by his wife, Clytemne

Namita Puran AP English Period 5 March 30, 1999 (Empty Slogans = Propaganda) in "The Fifty-First Dragon" "It is simply this-man is not sufficient. He must have a rallying cry, a slogan by which to die and by which to live." Heywood Broun Heywood Broun sold his first short story, "The Fifty-First Dragon", to the New York Tribune. It was written during the post-Great War period and as such reflected the amount of empty propagandizing the Americans did to entice young people to jo

When we first read Animal Farm by George Orwell we find it to be an amusing fairy tale, although it has a much deeper meaning. In Orwell's novel the animals revolt against their human rulers talk and harvest crops. This whole idea of the revolt is based on the Russian Revolution, in which the revolt started of as a foundation of an idealistic society but as time flew by dictatorship returned [Animal Farm: http://downtown.ala.net]. Like the Russian Revolution the revolt in Animal Farm gave r

Roger Chillingworth's character changes drastically throughout the course of Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter. He is first introduced as the husband of Hester Prynne, a kind and gentle man. In part because of his physical deformities, Hester never experiences a heart-pounding, lustful love for him, but none the less she honors and respects his age and knowledge of the world. He seems to be a wise and stable husband, but after two years of separation from the woman he truly loves, he r

In Sophocle's Antigone, the characters show a variety of traits. However, Antigone's life of ambition, family of noble rank, and display of good mentality portray her as the tragic hero of the story. A tragic hero must include three main traits. The hero must have a tragic flaw, a family of high class or rank, and must be a basically good person. Antigone fulfills all three traits thoroughly in the mythic story of Antigone. A tragic flaw plays a very important part of a tragic hero. Tragi

Synopsis Slaughterhouse-Five, written by Kurt Vonnegut, is the story of the life of Billy Pilgrim, a man who, among other things, lived through the Dresden firebombing during World War II and was abducted by aliens. The novel is told as a non-chronological group of events that make up Billy's life. The exposition of Slaughterhouse-Five describes Billy as an easy-going man. He never raises his voice as a result of his experiences on Tralfamadore, the alien planet. He is an optometrist born and r