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Does petty jealousy give a person reason enough to plot another's death? Well, in the story "Cask of Amontillado" and the movie Amadeus, this question is answered. In this essay I plan to compare and contrast several character traits of protagonists and themes of these two stories. The men that I'll be evaluating are Montresor (from "Cask of Amontillado") and Antonio Salieri (from Amadeus). One thing that both characters had in common was an antagonist who they vowed revenge upon. In extensive

The air around you is humid, moist, and feels thick as a breeze blows across your lawn. Eyes avert to the seemingly endless mass of gray clouds that loom above you; and the first flash streaks across the sky. The powerful blast of light and heat energy striking the ground a few miles away, accompanied by a loud clap of thunder. Then the first drop falls from the sky, and they are soon accompanied by millions of other cold, hard liquid beads. Lightning is a powerful phenomenon that only occurs

Ever since the beginning of man in Literature there has been a discussion over appearance vs. reality. The appearance of the apple to Eve was one that it would give her great wisdom as to that of the gods. In reality it did give her wisdom, but with that also came the expulsion from the garden of Eden. The appearance of the apple was good but the outcome was bad so was marriage in the 19th century. In Henrick Ibson's play "A Doll's House," where a man treats his wife with inferiority and w

Carlo A. per.3 In many stories throughout ancient times, Monsters have been the focus of the problems in one's society. These creatures of the dark have always posed a certain threat to society. Further monsters have been connected to features that are subhuman or primitive animal like features. Beowulf, who's author is unknown, is an epic poem which portrays these themes associated with monsters during the pre Anglo-Saxon times where feudalism has da

Position Paper Hulla hoops , Star Wars, slap braclets, and now beenie babies. During one time or another, they were all popular, and now hold little or no public interest, with the exception of the beenie babies, which can be considered as the current "fad." Like merchandice, anything can be a fad, as long as it holds a strong public interest for a period of time, and then dropps it as quickly as it was brought up. In the case of careers, and specifically equine sports therapists,

recognized disease entity. Aids is on the minds of many people all around the world. There are many myths about how one can contract or come in contact with this deadly disease. Many people are afraid to give blood, go to the doctor, or even drink from a public water fountain because of these myths. After one is finished reading about what Aids actually is, how one can prevent it, how one can contract it, some of the symptoms, and also some of the treatments for this deadly d

english-creative writing MANGA SCENE: if you aren't part of it now, you will be soon. The Lion King was a rip off. You don't believe me? Go watch Kimba the White Lion. There was even a joke about it on "the Simpsons". I'm not going to turn this into a rant against the evil empire we all know as Disney; I am merely informing you of the fact that they have run out of ideas, and have taken to stealing from anime and not giving it any credit. What this column is about is fanboys. You all kno

english-creative writing http://members.xoom.com/sideburnz/story.html Julie and Huang: Together 'til the End Twelve o' clock was harkened by the sounds of tiny angel trumpets. They sputtered a pre-recorded song that Huang thought he knew. He didn't. The waiting room was quiet this late at night, with only the angel's song and the sound of his stomach rumbling to keep him company. The love he felt for Julie was such that it hurt to think about. Not a bad kind of hurt, but enough for Huang's

english-creative writing ANGEL The angel lay there, clothed in a robe. The street around it had gone from dirty to sparkling in a matter of seconds when it fell to earth, and the buildings around it had gone from gray to white. One of its wings was cocked behind it at an unnatural angle, and a small trickle of black blood seeped slowly from it. The wings were crow-like, and furthermore, its legs were scaled and taloned. Its eyes were blank and dark, but still, it retained its semi-human form.

english-creative writing MEAT JACKET "I fear that our technology has far exceeded our humanity" -Albert Einstein RETINAL DELIGHT NIGHTCLUB, 9:32 PM She was an alluring woman, to say the least. Her auburn hair was cut in a razor-thin line across her cheeks, jutting out a full three inches from her lips. It was cut short enough to allow the small strand of pearls around her neck to be in full view, but long enough to keep her from looking butch. Although Harrison doubted that short h