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english-creative writing Quo Vadis? (Latin For "Where Do You Go?") His arm was tattooed in black ink with the word "Alpha". Behind his ears, there were instructions for both shut down and generator functions. These were handy in the Sears Catalog days before The Pollution. The days when playgrounds were full of laughing children were over. By at least two hundred years, they were over. The dry Nevada air whipped his synthetic hair into his eyes. He blinked it out. Before The Pollution

english-creative writing DO YOU HAVE CARTOON MUSIC PLAYING IN YOUR HEAD TOO? Her tattoo was of a skull with wings. Doug reflected on the idea that a skull with angelic wings was a bit of an oxymoron. She had her hair pulled up in pigtails; a faux-cute self mockery that made her look the part of the raver she was trying so hard to be. Her black tank top was offset by the white vinyl pants that she was wearing. Her whole outfit couldn't have been cheap. This was strange, because obviously she

english-creative writing SUSPECT "On the ground, Mother Fucker. Next to your dead friend." Add that order to $352, mix in Ruby's Stop n' Shop, stir in a dash of a .357 Magnum, and there you have armed robbery. It was Eric's first kill, and it felt good. His sneakers slapped against the wet pavement, echoing in his ears. When he jumped off the curb, his left foot slipped a little, throwing him off balance. Damned sweatshop shoes. The bubble-vest he had donned earlier in the evening fli

Gangs are a violent reality that many people have to deal with in today's cities. What has made these groups come about? Why do kids feel that being part of a gang is both an acceptable and prestigious way to live? The long-range answer to these questions can only be speculated upon, but in the short term the answers are much easier to find. On the surface, gangs are a direct result of human beings' personal wants and peer pressure. To determine how to effectively end gang violence we must first

Presidential elections are held every four years on the first Tuesday of November. All United States citizens over 18 years of age are eligible to vote. Citizens living outside the United States can vote by asking for an absentee ballot in advanced and mailing it to their voting district. Each resident of the United States must register to vote and its assigned a voting place. This avoids people voting twice at different locations. The presidential election process is interesting because i

Art Critic : Pablo Picasso's "Guernica" Pablo Picasso's painting entitled "Guernica" has been a masterpeice of modern art since it's first appearance at the World Fair's Fair of 1937. The huge mural has become an icon of Picasso's work and has been interpreted in several unique ways, many of which contradict Picasso's actual intentions. Artistically the composition is balanced and characteristically of Picasso's work perfectly planned and flowing. The symbols of this piece despite the mis

A Tale of Two Cities Book One: Chapter One/The Period In this chapter we learn about the time that the story is taking place. It is taking place in 1775 and will happen in both France and England. The state of France is terrible now. France has been on the decline and is now close to being bankrupt with little food for the people that are living there. In England the situation is not as bad, but it could be better. They are having problems with America. In the major cities of these co

My Occupation: Truck Driver Merrian Webster's Dictionary defines the word trucker as; 1: one whose business is transporting goods by truck 2: a truck driver. Truckers were 2,900,000 strong in 1994 (Ouellet 11). Most people really do not think about it, but almost everything that we will use today was at one time or another on a truck. People even say that if the trucks stopped making deliveries to New York City the city would run out of food and raw materials in three days. Whether this

Pole Vaulting: Should Helmets Be Required? Pole Vaulting is a sport that many people have never seen, or know little about. The objective of this event is to use a pole to clear a bar. To do this, the vaulter must have a lot of momentum, obtained by running. Next, the vaulter places one end of the pole in a pre-manufactured hole, called "the box." Bending the pole, the vaulter swings upside down so when the pole unbends, it will throw him up in the air. At this point, the vaulter clears

Describe Social and Economical conditions of this time. During the time period of 1643 - 1727 there were many things happening. One thing, which was happening, was the plague. 1/3 of the world died in that terrible time. Newton was very lucky that he was sent to his aunts to live. The people were no longer excepting the theories of Plato and Aristotle. The scientists of that day such as Galileo had a new approach to science: make observations, carry out experiments, test ideas, analyze results,