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The hazards of smoking Smoking cigarettes is very hazardous to the health of smokers and the health of the people around them. Many people die because of inhaling cigarette smoke every year. Some of the harmful ingredients in cigarette smoke are nicotine, carbon monoxide, and tar. Nicotine is addictive. It is also one of the most dangerous chemicals in cigarette tobacco. Nicotine begins to effect the a smoker's blood pressure, the flow of blood from their heart, their heart beat, and brea

American author John Steinbeck, in his many works has been known to tell his stories by the use of an authorial voice. Within one of his works in particular entitled East of Eden, he intentionally depicts one of his main characters, Catherine Ames as possessing both monster and animal-like characteristics of evil. Steinbeck first shows this intention by first personally declaring Catherine Ames as being a monster, but bearing a gentle beauty. Secondly, Steinbeck exposes her monster-like

David Malouf was born in Brisbane in 1934 (he lived through WW2). The novel was written in 1982. He was a poet before a writer and this has had a strong impact on his style of writing. Malouf is fascinated by opposites, i.e. Australia and England. Fly Away Peter is a story of exile, only in this case, it turns out to be catastrophic. Jim has a strong sense of having found his place in life when he becomes the warden of a bird sanctuary on the Queensland coast. The idyllic, life-affirming landsc

Harrington's essay from The Other America brings up some very interesting points relating to today's conditions in America. He tells of some 40 -50 million people who are poor. These people, he says, are invisible to the rest of America's inhabitants and for several reasons. We see today that he is right but not to the degree that he perceived it in the 1960's. Today in America, there are a recorded 34.5 million people who are considered to be poor by the U.S. government. In a press rele

I-Search Paper In the next few years, life will quickly pass by and the next thing people will realize is that the class of 2002 will have graduated and we, the class, will be out in the real world, living our lives, trying to make the best out of life. In order for many people, including myself, having things you want and having a "good" life you need money. Money isn't always the key to life, it just helps you out in the long run when you do need things, but in or

In analyzing the hypothetical scenario(s) proposed by many UFO researchers concerning the alleged crash of an Alien spaceship in the New Mexico desert July 2nd, 1947, I beg to question, whether our bureaucracy of a government could ever clamp shut an event of such magnitude. This is the most scrutinized of all UFO cases. This story, even if partly true is the most significant event in human history, next to our own creation of course. The story is clouded in extensive myth and misinformation. Se

In what today is Iraq, there once was a great civilization known as Babylon, which at one time could have ruled the world and was home to the second wonder of the world, the Hanging Gardens. Babylon was located in an ancient region surrounded by the Tigris and Euphrates River called the Mesopotamia area (now southern Iraq near the end of the Fertile Crescent). This great civilization first initiated around 3500 BC and began to crumble after the year 323 BC. The Babylon culture was successful

In the book "Deaf in America," by Carol Padden and Tom Humphries, the two deaf authors share many stories, jokes, and translations of signed poems and signed performances. The first couple of chapters tells stories of what it is like to grow up being deaf in both a hearing and deaf families. It brought up many points I never even considered, such as a story about a boy named Sam. His whole family was deaf and when he was about six he would play with the neighbor who was hearing. At first he

Basic Facts 1. Capital: Tokyo 2. Official Language: Japanese 3. Form of Government: constitutional monarchy 4. Area: 145,870 square miles 5. Elevation: Highest- Mt. Fuji, 12,388 ft. above sea level Lowest- sea level 6. Population: Population: (125,449,703, July 1996 est.) 1990 census- 123,611,167 7. Chief Products: Agriculture- cabbage, Chinese cabbage, hogs, mandarin oranges, milk, potatoes, poultry and eggs

Birth  Her birthname was Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu.  She was born on August 26, 1910 in Skopje, Macedonia.  Her baptism date was August 27, 1910.  She was born Catholic. Early life  When Agnes was 9, her father died.  She liked to go to church.  She went to help the poor when her mother couldn't. Education  Agnes when to state school.  These were non-Catholic schools.  Agnes went to the Lyceum (college).