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Death is defined as the end of life or the cessation of life. ( All the religions in the world teach us to accept death as it is a fact of life but we as human beings have learned to deny its existence. It is a subject that we do not like to mention until or unless we come face to face with it. The most prominent religions in the world are Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Islam. All these religions teach us that death is what every human being has to face, it will eventually

Life itself is a never ending experience where pages turn as seasons go by, days turn to months that turn into years and before we know it, the end arrives. Experiences are basically a reality of life no one can deny, they make us who we are, helps us through each and every day, constantly teaching us, and in the end leaving us like a seasoned warrior. Surprisingly humans tend to forget the experiences; rather they shift their focus on reflections of their past experiences. The reason for this