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Anarchy: noun. 1. Absence of any form of political authority. 2. Political disorder and confusion. 3. Absence of any cohering principle, as a common standard or purpose. [Greek anarkhia, without a ruler] (American Heritage Dictionary). Anarchy is a political philosophy shrouded in misconception. This misconception is caused by the diversity of the subject of anarchism itself, which cannot be characterized by simple slogans or television plugs. In theory, anarchy provides the most personal free

On Liberty is a work by John Stuart Mill, which is focused on proving that liberty is valuable to the individual, and society as a whole. By granting certain individual rights and freedoms, it would ensure citizens the opportunity to fully maximize their own self-development. This self-development would also have wide ranging social benefits. Although his supposition introduces many interesting ideas they are only theoretical they could not be applied in a practical ideology. He does not att

Joseph F. Fletcher - Situation Ethics and it’s relationship to Idolatry In 1991, when Joseph F. Fletcher passed away at the ripe old age of 86 (ref 1) there were very few present to observe his passing. There are not many people who even recognize his name. This was a man who probably influenced modern society as much as Charles Darwin or Sigmund Freud. Certain books and teachers can have a great impact on society. Charles Darwin wrote " The Origin of the Species" and started a w

Is this the beginning, middle, or end of our existence? Have we lived before in another time, another place? What awaits us when we die? Is the physical being all there really is to our existence; or is the spirit or soul what really makes us who we are? There is an abundance of case studies that suggest there is some sort of life after we die. Some from the not-so credible sources and others that seem much more believable. We will all find the answer when we die. Can we find the

The Errancy of Fundamentalism Disproves the God of the Bible 1. Introduction This essay will investigate the often-made claim from Christians, that the Bible is the inspired word of god, a corollary of which is that it is perfectly without error. This view is exemplified by the following statement of Jimmy Swaggart, a Pentecostal pastor: "One of the most basic tenants of the Christian faith is that the Scriptures are inerrant. Because the Bible is God's Word, it is entirely error-free." (Sw

Throughout 'On Certainty', Wittgenstein's aim is to remove thefalse pictures created by traditional philosophers, by uncoveringthe true way that our language functions in our lives, andshowing the irreconcilable difference between this and the waythat philosophers use language in different situations. WhileWittgenstein criticises the theories of traditional philosophers,he himself does not come up with an alternative theory, as it isthe theorising of philosophers that he sees as creating

Philosophy is the oldest form of systematic, scholarly inquiry. The name comes from the Greek philosophos, "lover of wisdom." The term, however, has acquired several related meanings: (1) the study of the truths or principles underlying all knowledge, being, and reality; (2) a particular system of philosophical doctrine; (3) the critical evaluation of such fundamental doctrines; (4) the study of the principles of a particular branch of knowledge; (5) a system of principles for guidance

Essay Outline (Plan) Essay Topic Critical Thinking Skills Introduction  briefly define the topic Body of Essay  defining critical thinking with more details  comparing & contrasting the use of thinking skills for study and for business  stating how, in the writer s opinion, these skills can best be acquired  outlining a personal plan for acquiring these skills Conclusion  summarizing the essay and making a personal comment Critic

As adolescents growing up in such turbulent times, it is often difficult for persons of my young age to make decisions that are both rational and moral. I have watched a countless number of my peers make decisions that they understood to be immoral. Whether or not they were simply trying to “fit in” or avoid peer pressure, I cannot say. I can only say that I observed this with sadness. For I only wish that my friends could have the strength to believe in their morals, values

What is the value of Philosophy? The word “philosophy” is derived from two ancient Greek words, “philos” meaning ‘love of’ and “sophia” meaning ‘wisdom’. Philosophers are lovers of wisdom. They have had the time and resources to sit back and wonder about what things really are like when all the pieces are fitted into one final accounting. The history of philosophy is generally divided into four stages or periods. Ancient philosophy covers Greek and Roman philosop