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“We do not err because truth is difficult to see. It is visible at a glance. We err because this is more comfortable.” --Alexander Solzhenitsyn Using another writer’s idea, words, research data, or ways of explaining something as if they were your own is plagiarism, might it be intentional or not. For instance, when you’re writing a certain paper, anytime you quote, paraphrase, summarize ideas without acknowledging the source is academic dishonesty or plagiarism. Plagiarism is a soph

Plagiarism To plagiarize is to take and use (in essay) somebody else ideas, words, speech, facts, presentations as if they where ones own. Plagiarism is the act of plagiarizing and a plagiarist is somebody who plagiarizes. Effectively every advantage has a disadvantage .Over the years its effect has affected students, writers and artist in diverse ways. Talking of creativity its effect has limited the affective and efficient diploid of ones inner God given ability which is able to

A plagiarist is simply someone who is morally void. It doesn’t matter if it’s this job or the next or whatever we write. It is stealing at its basest level. If they are willing to plagiarism without thought of its moral implications, they would be capable of any and all levels of moral shadiness. Yes, admittedly, it does take a little more time to site things, but a few moments of saved time is absolutely no excuse for plagiarism. It would not be in the moral interest of the company t

Why you will never send a plagiarized to our Clients: I am an educated person as writer I know my responsibilities. I have knowledge of avoiding plagiarism and I know its effects on the education Departments, Students, Organizations and Internet. I used to avoid plagiarism when I was a student of sixth standard now I am a Research analyst and final year student. In my thoughts it is an abuse to use of plagiarism it means

Why you will never send a plagiarized paper to our clients Academic paper writing job is highly sophisticated and creative. Writers or researchers must have right aptitude and deep imagination to produce standard and better quality write-up. It requires flawless presentation, innovative approach. In all educational institutes, paper affected by Plagiarism frustrates professors and by law it’s a serious offence in academic writing. The incidence of plagiarism in British Higher Education ha

I have always believed that one of the keys to a good essay, or any literary work for that matter, is its human interest factor. It is left upon the writer to be able to craft a piece which will capture the interest of the readers. In news writing, this is usually done with the article lead. In essays, the title itself already plays a major role. So as you are about to find out, this really isn’t an essay on the benefits of plagiarism. I just used that to get your attention. And it wor

A company is either a partnership or a corporation duly organized in accordance with the laws and regulations of the land. Every company has its mission to the society, and a vision that makes the company focus in the right direction. To accomplish its mission and vision, the company should have a philosophy that serves as a guiding and gauging principle to achieve its goals. By strictly adhering to the company’s mission, vision and philosophy, the company begets the respect of the society. Th

When we are involved in a project of any kind, we are most likely going to come across someone else’s ideas; we may have a great idea or a way of phrasing that idea, but someone may have thought of it first. Today, it is easy to fall in the trap of plagiarism. “Plagiarism is using other’s ideas and words without clearly acknowledging the source of that information” (“Plagiarism”). Plagiarism is an act that our company, Freelance Writing Center, cannot participate in as it is ethic

It seems like an easy concept and it is very straight forward; do not take what is not yours. Then why does there seems to be a modern day issue with plagiarism? Inherently, we know taking things that do not belong to us is wrong. Somehow there is a blur in the distinction of ownership when the property is intellectual rather than physical. The organization of words to describe our unique ideas is something personal with ownership rights. Just as a car or home are property that can be o

Plagiarism When I see and hear about people who plagiarize I immediately think of literary pirates. Like pirates we see in movies or have read about in books they steal the valuables of others. Whether this is a good analogy, I am not sure yet but let’s explore this topic and see what happens. Why Plagiarize How do we define someone who plagiarizes? There are many types of plagiarism. Right now I can think of three types; lifters, paraphrase thieves, and summarizers. These people who