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I. Purpose To provide clear policies, guidelines, and procedures on Post-Employment Procedures. II. Scope These procedures and guidelines shall be applicable to all employees of Ortigas & Company, Limited Partnership. III. Definition of Terms 1. Resignation – An employee initiated action to terminate employee-employer relationship with the company. 2. Dismissal – A company initiated action to terminate employment due to just cause or allowable causes such as Retrenchment and/or Red

Truth, as itself, is considered one of the most difficult to ascertain aspect of philosophy. How can the existence of truth be proved? Is there a certain definite truth which cannot be refuted? Even the smallest statements which we label as truth, when questioned about, seem to be under the light of doubt. This is mainly because there no universal definition of Truth. Philosophers have for once tried differentiating between two types of truth: The truth with the Capital T and the truth with the

A company that does business with other peoples ideas and works is nothing more than a thief in a business suite. Sooner or later this will come to the light of day and the company will regret its decision, or worse yet, the clients and those working for the company may well reap the disastrous recourse of either the law, or simply the loss of their business. People go to businesses not because they cannot do what they are asking to have done, but because they want it done in a professional man

Webster’s Dictionary defines plagiarism as, “the unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one's own original work.” The Freelance Writing Center can’t provide plagiarized documents for many reasons, but primarily because it’s unethical, and there is no excuse for it. Everyone has pressures and demands in their daily lives, and it’s often hard to get organized enough to allot the proper amount of time for a t

Plagiarism whether in the field of Writing or in any other field leads to temporary success as it will be known one day that the work was Plagiarized from somewhere and that would put the person out of business. The question, why your Company cannot provide to its Client with Plagiarized papers, has two aspects to it. One, how the Company can ensure that it can’t provide Plagiarized work to Clients, the second one is, wha

“Human beings need to organize the inchoate sensations amid which we pass our days-pain, desire, pleasure, fear-into a story. When that story leads somewhere and thereby helps us navigate through life to its inevitable terminus in death, it gives us hope. And if such a story establishes itself over the time in the minds of a substantial number of people, we call it culture.” o THE REAL AMERICAN DREAM consists of a series of lectures given by the author, Andrew Delbanco at Harvard. The book

Social Darwinism is an adaptation of the theory of national selection by Charles Darwin, adopting it into the context of social, political, and economics issues. The concept of Social Darwinism was coined by Herbert Spencer, a 19th century philosopher. In the simplest of terms, Social Darwinism follows the intonation “the strong survive”, which is then applied to human issues. This theory was mainly used to promote the impression that the white European race wa

Free will alludes to the right of individuals to be free and whether such freedom can actually be realized in a world so much perceived to have predetermined events. What then is freedom and if freedom doesn?t exist what negates the concept of freedom and what implications would this denial of its existence mean to society. Freedom may simply mean the ability of an individual to act without interference and the basis of these actions being voluntary choice. The discussion of free will and deter

Introduction Confucius (K'ung-fu-tzu, 551-479 BC) is one of the most prominent sages -at the same time dominating also- of ancient time who have swayed the political and moral arenas of different nations over the world. His scholarly teaching and thoughts emerged as the most dominant philosophy over the vast east of Asia. Through out the passage of the upheaval of different dynasties his moral and political doctrines shaped and had been manipulated to shape the people's life of this region. Thr

David Hume is an eighteenth-century Scottish philosopher who is known for his skeptical theories. One of which pertains to the existence of “self” or personal identity. Using an empiricist approach, Hume comes to a conclusion that the entity we call “self” is actually non-existent. This controversial proposition is, to some extent, believable if one immerses in the same introspective process the fam