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“Democracy consists of choosing your dictators after they’ve told you what they think you want to hear.” –Alan Coren Once again, crime rates are down in the whole country as Manny Pacquiao traded blows in a ring thousands of miles away from home. It seemed that for a while, people were glued to their seats watching delayed telecasts, some knowing what already happened at the eighth round while others still clueless to whether Pacquiao won or lost. Crime rates were down because people

Empowerment of the people in a democracy, as is advocated by many political and economic pundits, whose list is pretty long and pretty celeb oriented, cannot be accepted as the be all and end all of all the nuisance that plague democracy, particularly in underdeveloped and developing nations practicing this, so called, popular form of governance. Quantitative aspects always play a major role in democratic establishments of any size and proportion. But subjecting empowerment to this as

THE CANDIDATE This campaign organiser is running the campaign of Lowell Weicker for the position of President of the United States in the present presidential election. Lowell Weicker is running on an Independent ticket. He has been the independent governor of Conneticut, and his reputation as a maverick precedes him in this election campaign. Lowell Weicker's main issues are gun control, school desegregation, casino gambling and a balanced budget.He was a critic of Nixon's office and par

There are various reasons underlying the formation of free trade agreement among countries. One of the basic reasons is the easier access to the member’s markets due to the reduction or elimination of tariffs and non-tariff barriers. In 1989, the United States entered an agreement with Canada for this purpose. Protection of local exporters from losing out to foreign companies is another reason underlying the formation of this trade. For instance, proponents of US-Chile foreign trade agreem

The trade and commerce between nations has seen a tremendous growth in the past few years. Reports say that the total trade conducted in the year 1997 is 14 times higher than that of the trade in 1950. It is also estimated that the export of products between nations sees an annual growth of 6% (World Trade Organization 2007 p.3). As with any activity such a vast amount of international trade should have a monitoring and a regulating body to ensure that the trade is carried out smoothly and fairl

The nominating battles on both sides of the current presidential primary have yielded significant insight into the decision-making processes of the voters. These insights follow the paradigm of sociopolitical order laid out by Max Weber in a section of his work Economy and Society, entitled 'Class, Status, Party.' Weber, in a response to the exclusively economic focus of Marxian social theory, claimed that these three distinct yet interrelated spheres constituted the determinants of sociopoliti

The poem presents an image of boundaries being crossed. Summer has stepped beyond its permitted timespan and has therefore become unbearable. Keats attempts to present a picture of nature in excess. Nothing in life is to be allowed space and time beyond its usual tenure, doing so results in a breakdown of Nature's laws. When he talks of fruits being overripe, hazel shells being 'plump' and vines overladen; he is speaking of laws being broken which is tantamount to a system being violated. This