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Lost keys, flat tire, late from office, stuck in traffic, are the situations with which every one of us is familiar very well. Speaking in general, occurrences and after effects of all such unpleasant events are known as problems. Adhering to the fact that almost all of us face similar problems in specific situations, we still have very different lives. These differences are born when people tackle similar problems in their own different ways. GOD has created every human being with a uniq

ABSTRACT This research paper looks at the psychology behind both anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. The paper is divided into two sections, one each for anorexia and bulimia. Each section begins with a brief description of the disorders and how the disorder can be recognized or diagnosed. Then it goes on to explain the causes of the disorder and especially what psychological aspects may precipitate the onset of the disorder. Finally each section briefly describes what can be done to pre

Correlates of Modern Prejudice 2 Abstract A questionnaire was distributed to 118 university students (52 males, 66 females). The questionnaire investigated various demographic variables, as well as modern prejudicial attitudes. Three scales were used to assess these attitudes: the modern homonegativity scale (MHS), the neoracism scale (NR) and the neosexism scale (NS). It was hypothesized that relationships would exist between each of the variables, as well as between each variable and cons

Child abuse is any act that fails to care for the child, causes death or injury, emotional stress, or any serious instance that harms the child. Unfortunately, there is more or less three million cases of child abuse in United States alone, be it child neglect, sexual, emotional, or physical abuse. Reports indicate that at least 28% of adults reported that they were physically abused as a child, whil