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Written: Friday, May 26, 2000 Despite the fact that we are all human, each of us is very complex and unique psychologically. As people differ emotionally, sometimes the painful and negative feelings we experience may take control over our lives and bring us into a state of depression or even mental illness. A troubled person may not choose to express their true feelings, but someday they may no longer be able to contain their emotions any longer. But even with these negative feelings, they ar

Inhibition and Resistance to Interference: An Introduction Parents often tell their children to "Pay attention!" and, "Don't watch television while doing your homework!" Although most parents attend to their children's habits and behaviors, others do not realize how mental processes are responsible for their children's thinking, behavior, and overall development. These cognitive mechanisms include a range of specific constructs, such as working memory capacity, information processing, me

Introduction Adam "was a wonderfully, sweet young man," his mother said. He was a high school athlete and captain of his team, active in his college fraternity, a good student. He had graduated from college and started working while studying for a professional certification exam when something inside him changed. . . Adam stopped being careful about his personal appearance. He told his parents he suspected them of communicating with each other in secret ways, such as in sign language which h

Generally, depression is regarded as an illness due to an imbalance of serotonin in the brain . When seen as such, depression can no longer be considered a "mental illness," but instead must be categorized with physical illnesses that also have causes, symptoms, and remedies. There are also various types of depression, including Dysthymia, Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD, and Bipolar disorder, which is also called manic depression1. These types all differ slightly in the severity of their

Teen Suicide: The New Terrifying Epidemic While parents raise their children, most of them never think about an ever-growing problem. That problem is teen suicide. While suicide is often kept out of dinner table discussions, the rapidly climbing rate is causing many to think that it needs to be spoken of more publicly, instead of being swept beneath the rug (Mulrine,64). Many teens face mounting problems, such as: teen drinking, drugs, peer pressure, grades, and jobs (Schleifer,11). Many youn

PARAPSYCHOLOGY Derived from the term 'paranormal', parapsychology is the science that lies beside or beyond psychology; the field of psychology which studies those unique experiences and unknown capabilities of the human mind that suggest consciousness is capable of interacting with the physical world in ways not yet recognized by science, but not beyond science's ability to investigate. Two types of parapsychological phenomena have been described. The first and less common is pyschokin

Schizophrenia or Sz is one of the most destructive illnesses known to man, although not that much has actually been known about it since recent progressive research. It usually hits at the most crucial point in a persons life, soon after high school, when a person is beginning to become independant and forming a life for themselves. Sz has many different forms and faces, but also has very predictable symptoms and progression and although the illness is very destructive, it is on average ve

The Communication Barrier Thousands of years ago communication was adopted as the primary source of expression. Even back then when there were no words to be used, pictures and drawings were depicted to share thoughts. In today's fast paced society communicating one's thoughts and feelings is a vital part of building relationships. When people are unable to express their opinion or feeling on a certain subject it causes a communication failure which leads to the destructi

The word stress is a very vague one. People in general view stress as anything that upset or worry them. Therefor stress and stressors, anything which causes stress, are viewed as very bad things. That is, however, sometimes very far from the truth. The official definition, by the Lefton Psychology text book is: A nonspecific, often global, response by an organism to real or imagined demands made on it. (A person must appraise a situation as stressful for it to be stressful.). Thi

Anorexia Nervosa, or simply "anorexia" as it is more commonly known, is a disease classified in the eating disorder category. Affecting about one in every two-hundred fifty young women in the United States, it is a disease which is characterized by the refusal to eat. This refusal is completely by the person's own will. Generally, they deny their appetite and enjoyment of food. The cause of the refusal to eat is a direct result of the fact that no matter how thin they actually are, a