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When Does a Religion Become a Cult? When Does a Cult Become a Religion? I think that religion and cults are closely related. However, there can be many noticeable differences. In order for a religion to become a cult, it needs to develop into a negative form of expression. Cults are often damaging to a person and any people that are close to them. In order for a cult to become a religion, it needs to develop into a positive form of expression. This cult to religion change is dependen

Freedom of religion is a very controversial issue in today s society. Recently, there have been controversy concerning prayer in the schools, and in any public place for that matter. I believe that our right is being taken away. First Congress takes religion out of schools; what s next? The definition of Freedom of Religion is right of a person to form personal religious beliefs according to his or her own conscience and to give public expression to these beliefs if worship and teachi

In this present time, it is very hard to achieve anything as an individual. You will always need someone to agree or back you up in your own ideas. Although quite a few individual actions can be done, even thousands of years ago, you could only survive with other people. One example of this would be a religion. In most religions there are professionals or higher administrators. These people are also known as priests, rabbis, bishops and so on. In Theravada Buddhism, they believe that it

"Melting or Boiling" Are all people are created equally? No matter the race, religion, or ethnic background. This is all true, but are people who are different treated equally. There is a long history of racially motivated predijuices that we all face every day. That is why that we are more of a boiling pot rather than a melting pot. I feel that we coexist, we don't live in hormone. The united states is more of a boiling pot because of the differences that make up our country. Ther

Why Religion is Difficult to Discuss With so many different belief systems in our world, it s no wonder why religion is such a touchy subject in our society. It is not to be discussed in schools or any other non-church related activity because some one there might be offended. I personally don t care if you talk about religion to someone just as long as if they believe some thing different than you, don t tell him or her that they are wrong. It is a personal choice on which belief system y

Religion or Run? Religion has been around for thousands of years. Throughout history, religion has made an impact on the decisions people make everyday. People have even gone as far as sacrificing their lives for their religion. There have been countries formed over religion, so too have there been wars started. These events and many others have caused the creation of many new religions and the destruction of others. Even in the present, there are skirmishes between the people of differen

Cult and Religion Religion is a sociological device used to protect its members, and it offers them a common system of belief. Religion, whether it is Christianity, Taoism, Judaism, or Hinduism is a set of commonly shared beliefs, which bring many people together. Religions usually teaches a code of morality with an emphasis on a higher supernatural entity. They give examples and role models for people to follow. Religion, although having nearly the same definition as a cult, has a positiv

Buddhism is a rich religion that affects the lives of millions of people throughout the world. Most importantly, Buddhism is a religion for all people. The religion emphasizes personal enlightenment as opposed to salvation from a higher being. The religion teaches that salvation lies in your own hands, and you are ultimately responsible for what you do, and the consequences that you face. Buddhism molds several ideologies and religions into its practices, appealing to a wide number of p

Losing Our Religion In earlier times and civilizations, religion was a very important thing to most people. In fact, many colonies were started and based solely on religious beliefs. But as we move more into the new millenium, religion seems to be taking a back seat to other activities. Today it seems that many people are more worried about how much money they are making or climbing higher on the business ladder, than they are about religious beliefs. The number of people going to church

There are different styles of writings. Some styles are different due to the different beliefs of writers. In the works of Joy Harjo and Fray Alonso de Benavides, both write about different types of religion. According to Harjo she feels hate toward the Christian religion because, as a Native American, the Christian religion was forced upon her. Alonso de Benavides, on the other hand, feels that it was a good act to incorporate the Christian religion into that religion of the Native Ameri