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Teenage Smoking There are several causes for teenage smoking, as well as many effects. There are no positive effects of teenage smoking, so there are no only negative causes for teenage smoking. The effects of teenage smoking can be both physical and mental. Despite all of the warnings there are, teenage smoking is not on a decline. Teenage smoking has many causes. Several teens take that first puff just to try something new. One might see his or her peers smoking and think it i

I think smoking in public places such as indoors of a restaurant shoudn't be allowed. There's a few good reasons for me saying that. It has been proved that smoking kills you. Besides, would you like someone smoking next to you if you have your baby with you? Not only that, But I don't think I would like anyone to be smelling the nasty smoke odors while they're eating. I also think that it shoudn't be allowed because since it's indoors all the smoke gets caught inside and it can get s

When I look around in the streets I see a lot of kids smoking. It really diturbs me because none of these kids should be smoking, there all under age. There are a lot of bad things about smoking, you could get lung cancer, mouth cancer, and you could get arrested if you are under age. When you smoke a lot you could be a victim of lung cancer. When you get lung cancer you usally die. If you don't die you have to use a respirator to help you breath, and I doubt you want to carry a big

How Secondhand Smoking Affects Us As most of you know, smoking is bad for your health, but what some of you might not know is that you don t actually have to smoke to be harmed by smoking. Lung cancer, which is the leading cause of cancer deaths in men and women, is mainly caused by cigarette smoking. Secondhand smoking causes approximately 2 percent of lung cancer deaths each year. It causes respiratory disease, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), middle ear disease, and asthma attacks in c

Help Put Out the Butt in Teen Smoking You could probably walk around your neighborhood and see groups of teenagers smoking. In fact, there 6,000 teens that start smoking everyday and 3,000 of them will make the choice to continue smoking. Throughout this essay, I will give you facts on why it is smart to either stop smoking now or never start. You probably ask yourself, "Why do teens smoke?" There are many explanations to that question. Many teens say they started because of peer press

Should it be legal to smoke around others in public places where there are non-smokers? Smoker’s today think that they can just light up wherever they feel. Non-smokers feel that smoking should be band from all public places. This problem between smokers and non-smokers is an ongoing battle that seems to have no solution. Can’t smokers see that they are just harming themselves and the ones around them? Smokers often think they can’t live without that cigarette, but in

The prohibition of smoking has become more and more wide spread in the Unite States today. Due to studies that smoking is related to many illnesses, people have made safe guards to prevent from acquiring them. One of those safe guard is prohibiting smoking in public places. Some factors are; the health risks smoking causes, it sets better examples for young adults and children, and foremost, it gives better consideration to those who do not smoke. Health reasons are at the top of the list to

I am here to talk to you about smoking its risks and its consequences. First, to understand how smoking tobacco affects your body you have got to understand how smoking works inside your body A regular cigarette contains treacherous chemicals such as carbon monoxide, tar and nicotine. Did you know that nicotine is a poisonous compound that the tobacco plant uses as a defense against its environment? This may sound strange to you but it is true. This poison is the same you inhale when you sm

There is nothing more annoying and sickening than sitting down for a meal at the local restaurant, or any place for that matter and having the poisonous haze of cigarette smoke drift towards you. It moves in an ever-expanding mass to all corners of the room, being inhaled by all. Inhaled by a small innocent child through to an old man with emphysema who struggles to get enough oxygen from the now polluted air. This is passive smoking, and it has serious health effects on those who are victims

How to stop Smoking Did you know that smoking one pack of cigarettes a day for ten years could reduce your bone density by 2 percent! And if this is not shocking enough read on ----Tobacco speeds artery damage. It promotes memory loss, Alzheimer's disease, causes rapid skin aging, anxiety, impotence, fatigue, headaches hoarseness of voice, smokers cough, peptic ulcers, senility, cramps in the legs stained teeth and nails, hiatal hernia, heart disease cancer, osteoporosis and the list