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Jeremy Reed Senior Seminar March 19, 1998 One of the most daunting tasks facing political scientists and students of international relations today is the effort to develop clearly defined parameters of when a group of people has the right to self-determination. With the global rise of ethnic and nationalist conflict precipitated by the fall of the Soviet Union and the resultant end of the bipolar international system, groups such as the Kurds in the Middle East are staking claims to sove

Although they are alike in many ways, The Blues Brothers, Jake and Elwood, also have many differences. Both are great singers and have good taste and knowledge in music. Physically, the two are opposites in how they are composed. When attitudes are in mind, Jake and Elwood generally agree on situations, but there are occasions when the two have different thoughts. When it comes to music, Jake and Elwood are connoisseurs. Both having sung in "The Blues Brothers," they know just what to play

Tupac Shakur was born in New York City. His mother's name was Afeni Skakur. She was a member of the Black Panther Party. She was pregnant with him while in prison for bombing charges. Tupac comes from the Incas meaning shining serpent and Shakur is Arabic meaning "thankfull to god". In 1986 the Skakur family moved to Baltimore. In Baltimore Tupac enrolled in the Baltimore School for Arts. At this school he writes his first rap song under the name MC New York. Then in June of 1988 t

David A. Beuerman English 11 April 10, 1998 Hemingway's Depiction of a Man in The Sun Also Rises Common among many of Ernest Hemingway's novels is the concept popularly known as the "Hemingway hero", an ideal character readily accepted by American readers as a "man's man". In The Sun Also Rises, four different men are contrasted and compared in the world of the 1920s as they engage in some form of relationship with Lady Brett Ashley, a near- nymphomaniac Englishwoman who indulges in

Football Football, outdoor game, played by two opposing teams with a ball of various types, usually an inflated bladder or rubber bag in a leather or rubber cover, spherical in shape. The object of the game is to score points by carrying the ball across the goal line of the opponents, or by kicking the ball through or over the goal of the opponents. The principal types of football played today are American football; association football, or soccer; Canadian football; Australian football; Gaelic

Imagery in "The Fall of the House of Usher" The description of the landscape in any story is important as it creates a vivid imagery of the scene and helps to develop the mood. Edgar Allan Poe is a master at using imagery to improve the effects of his stories. He tends to use the landscapes to symbolize some important aspect of the story. Also, he makes use of the landscape to produce a supernatural effect and to induce horror. In particular, Poe makes great use of these tools in "The Fall

Immigration in California Over one million immigrants enter the United States every year and approximately half of those immigrants migrate to California. For some, this is an advantage. Economically, this means there are more consumers- more people to take advantage of the opportunities and resources that this state has to offer. On the other hand, this increase in population has put this state in debt. The educational system is suffering from a lack of programs that may be essential to f

Honors English 9-7 January 28, 1997 #6: Characters in Great Expectations: Static or Dynamic? The characters in Great Expectations are the products of extreme characterization. Each personality type represented is in its extreme, as though to make a point to the reader. Overall, the lesser characters in Great Expectations do not undergo a massive character change; that is, they remain static the whole time. The main role players, Pip, Miss. Havisham, and Mrs. Joe Gargery are the o

About the Olympics Although the Olympics are both patriotic and at an enjoyable level of competition, there is also an unneeded generalization and over commercialized element evident here as well. The competition has moved from personal glorification to biased and sometimes prejudicial feelings towards an athlete towards their country. As I flip through the channels on my television, I can't help but notice all of the Olympic scores and events. The camera scans through the more then en

Analysis: Dr. Heidegger's Experiment "If all stories were true, Dr. Heidegger's study must have been a very curious place."(p.2). From the very start we are warned that the stories about Dr. Heidegger may not be true. This becomes important in analyzation because we can no longer depend on the stories as fact, but at the same time we have no reason to doubt them. Dr. Heidegger is known to be a peculiar man, and it is said that he held consultations with a bronze bust of Hippocrates. His s