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Ethnic Cleansing is a process in which an advancing army of one ethnic group expels civilians of other ethnic groups from towns and villages it conquers in order to create ethnically pure enclaves for members of their ethnic group. "Ethnic cleansing is a literal translation of the expression etnicko ciscenje in Serbo-Croatian/Croato-Serbian. The origin of this term is difficult to establish. Mass media reports discussed the establishment of 'ethnically clean territories' in Kosovo after 1981. At

The Meech Lake Accord By:_______________________ The Meech Lake Accord was an agreement made by the prime minister of Canada and the premiers of all ten provinces to improve and make changes to the constitution of Canada and thereby make it acceptable to the province of Quebec. The agreement was negotiated and signed on June 3, 1987 but was never ratified. The Canadian Constitution, originally known as the British North America Act, had been proposed in 1867, when Canada was still

If NATO continues to bomb Serbia, they will be causing serious trouble. They should just mind their own business before any other altercations occur. NATO is just a big act, because their not even putting their full effort into helping Kosovo. This is just a big stunt to make NATO look good. But they're not looking good for they are not just killing the Serb leaders but many civilians. NATO should discontinue bombing. Why does NATO even bother bombing? I'll tell you why; They want to look good.

Life At The Turn Of The Century Life at the turn of the century was full of changes for better and worse. The inventions of science and technology revolutionized practicably every human activity and stimulated further investigation and discovery. It is easy to feel that the early years or the twentieth century really brought in a new way of life. The people of the first decade of the century seem less unfamiliar, less hard to understand then there parents, the people of the eight-teen

Mahatma Gandhi There was little hope for the natives as imperialism and greed had taken the white man by the mind, body, and soul. These white men promised that they would be "civilized," when in reality they were enslaved and treated like animals. No lashing out would save them, for the white men had technologies like gunpowder. During the rise of this on October 2nd, 1869 the world changed forever. Mohandas K. Gandhi came into the world. Gandhi sparked a world wide non-violent r

Is there really life after death? Different cultures and people interpret the afterlife in a variety of ways, depending on their view of their gods and their interaction with those gods. In this paper, I will discuss the Mesopotamians, Egyptians, and Indians and their beliefs about what happens to a soul after death. Mesopotamia Between the two rivers of the Tigris and the Euphrates, lies a land that is now the eastern half of Iraq. However, many years ago, around 5000 B.C.E., this la

St. Augustine's Just War Theory and the Persion Gulf War On August 2nd, 1990 the first Iraqi tanks crossed into Kuwait, as part of an invasion that marked the start of a six-month conflict between the United States and Iraq. These tanks were ordered to invade Kuwait by Saddam Hussein, the ruthless dictator of Iraq. The Iraqi troops looted Kuwaiti businesse

Ferinand Magellan was a Portuguese sea captain who commanded the first expedition that sailed around the world. The Voyage was the first positive piece of proof that the earth is round. Magellan was born around 1480 in northern Portugal. His parents were members of the nobility, died when he was ten. He became a page at the Portuguese court at age twelve to Queen Leonor. His position served as a means of education for sons of the Portuguese nobility. While at court,

TELEVISION HOW HAS IT CHANGED SINCE ITS INVENTION? How has television changed over the last 25-50 years? This question can be answered in a variety of different ways ranging from the technological changes and advances it has gone through to the question of whether it has any type of affects on the way people perceive it, or if society is manipulated by what they see on television. This report will hopefully uncover and discover television then and now. The first aspect that will be uncov

The Industrial Revolution In the last part of the 18th century, a new revolution gripped an unready world. This revolution was not a political one, however it would lead to many implications later in its existence. Nor was this revolution a social or cultural one. This revolution was an economic one in which there was a transformation from the traditional hand made tools and items to machine driven, mass produced goods. The Industrial Revolution, as it is called by historians, changed