World History

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Nellie McClung 1873-1951 When Nellie McClung was born, as Helen Letitia Mooney, in Chatsworth, Ontario, Canada, in 1873, she was not a PERSON under Canadian law (until April 25th 1940 PERSONS [eligible voters] where defined as "A white male person, including an Indian and excluding a person of Mongolian or Chinese race…No women, idiot, lunatic or criminal shall vote."). Nor was any other women. Women were denied certain rights that men had, including the right to vote. In law, we

In the world that we live in, there are constant changes happening all the time. The advancement of our society has grown so quickly. These changes changed the world to what it is today. At the turn of the century, through transportation and communications was the world affected in the early nineteen hundreds. People has the need for faster transportation. In 1769, James Watt, manufactured the first steam engine. The steam engine was the first public transportation that had some speed o

My past learning experience I will present and make comparation between two ways of how I have studied history during my highschool period. First for the time that I studied history in Skopje, and the second time during my senior year which I have finished in United States of America, Oklahoma City. From my point of view we have different methods and techniques of studying history, which materials are more difficult and very wide in terms of history. For example, the history that I ha

What is History? Carl Becker, a historian, says history may be defined as the study of development on human societies in time and in space. This definition is true. Historians don t just study dates, presidents, and wars. They also aren t just interested in famous people either. Historians are interested in all of human societies. That s why the most important subject of history is man. Man has a lot to do with history. Man is what gave what we have this present day. For example, mone

We are all taught essentially the same things in school. We learn of the presidents and what they did and when they did it. But we know, as adults, that we did not get all the facts or even a portion of the correct facts in regards to history. In the essay, “The Historian and His Facts,” Edward Hallett Carr shares a bit of insight into the people who record history and write about it. We are given a deeper understanding of historians and just what it is they do and what they

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Scientist would need a variety of different pieces of evidence to document the scope and scale of geologic history. The earth is billions of years old, therefore rocks are obvious evidence of it's geologic history. Since all natural land masses ever created on earth stay on earth, it is a fact that the scope and scale can be determined by using it as evidence. The movement of the land masses and land creations can help determine the scope and scale of earth's geologic history. Rocks

Chris Brooks Com 112 March 27, 2000 "The Rise of the West" This book starts, by giving lawful information about the beginning of history, and how it started. It also, compares several cultures and civilizations to the powers that each of them has. The insights into how and why certain developments took place in history that are presented in this book make it fascinating. It spans the early civilizations of the Middle East to modern times and the rise of Communism and totalitarian

History is important for numerous reasons. We learn from our mistakes. We share a common experience that binds us together. Our minds are store our experiences(history). Our roots, which is basically our round and where we come from. Society can build upon past accomplishments, and it also helps us to speculate the future. The first, and most significant reason history is important is because we learn from our mistakes. If there was no history then everyone would make the same mis

ESSAY Why History is Important Knowing history is essential to us because we can acquire things from our past and will be able to learn and grow form them. Knowing our history keeps us from making the same mistakes. We can also find out our families past and see where we come from by looking up our roots. We can look into history and try to predict the outcome of what we might do in the future. We can also build from the knowledge of past achievements. The mistakes we do in the past can hel