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In responding to the President Bill Clinton's call for a national dialogue on race, Luis J. Rodriguez, the author of an article "Stop the Lies", suggests that we need to give the people in different colors a proper recognition in our history; and points out that the industrial economy is the foundation of racism. In a question, the American automaker, Henry Ford suggests that "History is more or less bunk" and the only history that we need to care about is " the history we make today."We can

HISTORY In the book, "Prisons We Choose to Live Inside ", Doris Lessing states that " young people are not interested in history" because she believes that a young person does not want to learn about facts that happened in the past. They would rather believe things that are made up by themselves or others, such as a leader. Lessing believes that to the young, history is not worth studying because the actions that are made by the older generation are considered to be "stupid and perennial".

What Is History? What is history? Where do I start? And who says it started there? I wasn’t there, does it matter? Can I accept whatever happens in another part of the world into my personal history, or just in the worlds history? What parts of history are most important? Who decides? What a question! The word history has many attached meanings to it, and the result is that the definition for history depends on who it is you are asking. But What is it? states th

Gregg Giasson U.S. History Period B !! YOU ARE THERE !! The most important event in U.S. History in my opinion would be Washington s escape from the British Army at New York. This event changed the course of U.S. History because it was the closest the movement for freedom came to being crushed. It all started when Washington and his army were waiting for the British on Long Island. He expected the British to launch a full frontal assault. He did not look at his flanks, and was heavily

Trond Haugen A: How the movie American history X has influenced me American history X had a strange effect on me. Usually, movies entertain me as I watch them, but the moment they end, it is over. Everything goes back to the way it is was as I leave the theatre. American history X was not like that. It got stuck in my head, and I kept thinking and evaluating for weeks afterwards. And I still do. In my home contry, Norway, there is a strong focus on racial issues. Our people was nearly

The Chinese Communist Revolution During the mid 19th century many upheavals and rebellions launched China into a new course of modernization. These also lead to the creation of the Chinese Communist party (CCP) which in 1949 over through the government to take all government control. Mao Zedong Mao was born on December 26 in 1893, in a peasent family in Shao-shan in the Hunan province. As a child he worked in the fields and attended a local primary school. He was frequetly in conflict with

The Hungarian Tragedy of 1956 Uncertainty and Domestic Tension in Eastern Europe: The Roots of the Hungarian Tragedy The Hungarian and Polish drives for greater political freedom from Russia in 1956 were startlingly similar, and yet the two nations followed very different courses in the months that followed the initial unrest. The bloodshed in Hungary was not a consequence of a particular doctrine of oppression but instead of the confusion and lack of a coherent policy that follow

An Overview of Pinochet "It was a day in spring , December 20,1973 at about 4:30 pm , that I heard several knocks on the door of my house , which sounded unfamiliar and threatening. My brother had just returned home from his work in the textile industry and had gone to our common bedroom to lie down for his usual short afternoon nap. I went to answer the door and encountered three men with a very cold attitude. One of them asked me in a dry voice ; Does Pedro Rojas live here ? " "

1984, George Orwell Winston is the unfortunate victim of a totalitarian society gone haywire. In Oceania 1984, the Party has complete control over every aspect of its citizens lives. Telescreens that monitor their movements are found in every house and apartment. If a member of the Thought Police catches you so much as gritting your teeth during one of Big Brother s speeches, it s off to the Missionary of Love to be interrogated about your partaking in a conspiracy against the Party. It s

The Chernobyl disaster began in the early morning hours of April 25, 1986 when a shift operating the nuclear reactor exploded showering radioactive debris from the power nuclear plant in the northern Ukraine over most of eastern Europe. This radioactivity was hundreds of times more powerful than the atomic bombings at Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The explosion left the surrounding area looking like a ghost town. People rushed to get themselves and their families to safety. It left in