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Germanium The element that i am studying is Germanium. Ge is the chemical symbol that represents Germanium. The atomic number is 32 and the atomic mass is 72.61(amu). There are 32 protons, 41 neutrons and 32 electrons (Davis143). The Russian chemist Dmitry Mendeleyev predicted the existence and chemical properties of germanium in 1871; because of its position under silicon in the periodic table, he called it ekasilicon. The element was actually discovered in the silver-sulfide ore argyrodite

Belarus is a country in Asia. It is right below Russia. In the 5th century, Belarus (also known as White Russia) was colonized by east Slavic tribes. Kiev dominated it from the 9th to 12th centuries. After the destruction of Kiev by the Mongols in the 13th century, the territory was conquered by the dukes of Lithuania, although it retained an amount of autonomy. Belarus became part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, which merged with Poland in 1569. Following the partitions of Poland in 1772, 17

THE DEVELOPMENT OF COMPUTERS IN UKRAINE AND THE FORMER USSR The government and the authorities had paid serious attention to the development of the computer industry right after the Second World War. The leading bodies considered this task to be one of the principal for the national economy. Up to the beginning of the 1950s there were only small productive capacities which specialized in the producing accounting and account-perforating (punching) machines. The electronic numerical computer e

Since the Soviet Union was destroyed, little republics were formed. Life became very different for many people and this very moment. All those little republics became on their own. They had their own government and their own rules inside the borders of their countries. Let s take a look at one of those countries, it s president, laws and crimes, and economy and compare it to America. Belarus or White Russia is how many people call it, is a very small republic which is located between Poland a

In August of 1991, the collapse of the communist system in the USSR and it's neighboring republics occurred. Out of the smoke emerged fifteen new republics and a union known as the Commonwealth of Independent States. These new regimes faced formidable obstacles. The collapse brought massive inflation which in turn forced the economy into a spiraling decline and a state of almost worthless value. Many people were quick to point the finger at their communist past, and even more eager

Chernobyl Chernobyl is a popular nuclear disaster it was a terrible technological disaster. Chernobyl is a small town in the Ukraine. The closest major city is Kiev. Kiev is the capital of the Ukraine. It is made up of 2.4 million people. In 1986 April 26 Chernobyl experienced an unforgettable nuclear disaster. At the time, the USSR was responsible for roughly 10% of the world's nuclear power. The year of the accident Chernobyl nuclear power plant was using four of the most modern sovi

"When one man dies it's a tragedy. When thousands die it's statistics"-these are the words of Joseph Stalin, a man who understood that "killing was a tool; properly used it could eliminate enemies, terrorize survivors into submission, and overwhelm outsiders beyond their ability to intervene" (Altman 41). The Soviet government claims that the famine of 1932-1933 was due to "conditions beyond human control," that it was an unfortunate but unintended consequence of the collectivization ef

In one week, the summer of 1991, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic, became history. The forces of reform unleashed by President Mikhail Gorbachev in the mid 1980 s generated a democratic movement. Mr. Gorbachev may be revered for the democratic forces he unleashed- his policies of perestroika, or reconstructing, and glasnost, or openness. However, his failure to put food on Soviet tables and his reluctance to move boldly on economic reforms doomed him to be a failure (Sieff). His econom

The Swedes think it's great and so do the Danes, the Dutch and the Finns. But the French and the Germans are more doubtful and the Austrians andBelgians most skeptical of all. The issue is the enlargement of the European Union (EU) to bring 11, 12 or even 13 new member states into the club, most of them newly emergingdemocracies from central and eastern Europe. As for the outsiders, the Romanians are hugely enthusiastic, although they are likely to be among the last to join. The Pol

It is quite possible that Russia may be best known for it s long, and bitter winters. This extreme coldness also aided the country as a whole by keeping invaders at bay; For example, Adolf Hitler, and his Nazi army, were hesitant in entering the country during World War II. In Moscow, snow covers the ground for at least five months of the year. In the Northernmost region of Russia, there is snow present for between eight and ten months. Most of the coastal waters, such as: ponds, lakes, r