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Disaster at Chernobyl It has been forteen years since the explosions at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in the Ukraine, Then a consitiuent republic of the Soviet Union. The aftermath of chernobyl has been devastating; its human, financial, and environmental cost almost beyond measure. The death toll, still unknown, may yet reach into the thousands. Prime aqricultural land, totaling hundreds of thousands of squaremiles, have been taken out of possibel use due to the radioactive comtaminat

The Amish originated in Switzerland around 1525. They initially belonged to a religious group called Mennonites. The Mennonites believed that the church and state should be united. The Amish didn t agree with this view and broke away. They also did not agree on infant baptism. The Amish thought that people should only be baptized as adults around the age of 18. Adult baptism was a crime in the 16th century, so the Amish come from a long history of martyrs. They were put in sacks and thrown int

Catherine II, or Catherine the Great, empress of Russia (1762-96), did much to transform Russia into a modern country. Originally named Sophie Fredericke Augusta, she was born in Szczecin, Poland, on May 2, 1729. She was the daughter of the German prince of Anhalt-Zerbst. At the age of 15 she went to Russia to become the wife of Peter, who is a nephew and a heir of Empress Elizabeth. Elizabeth died on Dec. 25, 1761, and Catherine's husband succeeded as Peter III. The new ruler soon made himsel

Sir Francis Drake, the English call him hero. The Spanish call him El Draque (the dragon); as most Spaniards would consider Drake a pirate. The truth of the matter is that he was neither; he was in fact an opportunist. A hero as defined by the dictionary is Any man noted for feats of courage or nobility of purpose; especially, one who has risked or sacrificed his life . To us a hero is something more, a hero is a man that we can all look up to; a man of integrity and nobility. Sir Fr

Author John Guy Drake, a 16th Century Explorer Ticktock Publishing-1997 SIR FRANCIS DRAKE Sir Francis Drake is known for England's defeat of the Spanish Armada. He was a sea dog and he sailed around the world. Drake was actually the first one to sail around the world since Magellan died in his journey. Drake was a "sea dog" during the reign of Queen Elizabeth the first. And as everyone knows this is a good time to be a sea dog because the queen highly supported them. She gave him

“El Draque” or “The Dragon” the Spanish called this English admiral out of fear. Sir Francis Drake was born at Crownsdale, near Tavistock, Devon around the 1540’s. He served, as an apprentice in the Thames Coastal Trade after his father became a preacher at Chatham. He led several expeditions against the Spanish Main as well as an attack against the Spanish city of Cadiz. Drake was the first Englishman to circumnavigate the globe and he helped defeat the Sp

Plot outline The main character in this book is Michael Brock, a lawyer working for Drake & Sweeney. One day a homeless man comes into the firm and holds Michael and other lawyers hostage. Michael and the lawyers manage to get out of the situation but the homeless man gets killed. Michael finds out later that the homeless man had been evicted from a wherehouse where he was paying rent and Drake & Sweeney was responsible for the eviction. Michael asked a lawyer, at his firm, if he could

Sir Francis Drake Francis Drake was an experienced and daring seafarer. Among many adventures, the 'famous voyage', his successful circumnavigation of the world between 1577 and 1580 ensured that he would be one of the best remembered figures of Tudor England. In his own lifetime, he was thought of with mixed feelings, both at home and abroad. Some English people regarded him as a hero, but he was distrusted by others, who saw him as having risen 'above his station'. Although h

Waxwings: Robert Francis The overall theme of Robert Francis Waxwings is the belief of Taoism. This idea obviously is stated in the first line of the first stanza and then subtly throughout the rest of the poem. The title of the poem can also present a hint of Taoism. Since a tremendous component of Taoism has to do with nature, calling the poem Waxwings, a type of bird, is a pure title. Francis uses the first stanza as introductory, where he describes the setting as a February day in th

In The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber , Hemingway tries to show the relationship between men and women by showing the interactions that two people share in a failed marriage. The two characters, Francis and Margaret Macomber, have their differences and only remain together for social reasons. The two of them are separated however when Margaret shoots Francis in the back of the head. The first signs of their anger towards each other is when they have a quick debate when Margaret